2005 Melbourne International Film Festival : My diary of events

This will be my third year of buying a mini-pass to the festival and fifth festival I have been to.

Although it would be fun to do again as I did at MIFF 2002, I am not considering buying a full festival passport as it costs too much and I will probably end up films that I don't enjoy that much just because I can.

I am also going to try to get some of my friends to come to at least one screening as although there is a sense of comaraderie that develops between patrons during the festival (you see it towards the end of the festival most of all), it is still better to go with some friends.

I will try to update this page every day I go to see movies or events at the festival and I hope you enjoy reading.
Thanks - Tim Chmielewski

Please Note: This site is not offically associated with the Melbourne International Film Festival, but I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the festival. The offical site is here - http://www.melbournefilmfestival.com.au/

For another opinion on the movies of the festival, I recommend Mark's MIFF 05 blog.


Election - 7th August 2005
Goodbye Paradise - 7th August 2005
Dirt: A Season Inside the Devi's Bowl - 6th August 2005
Izo - 5th August 2005
Hank Williams: Honky Tonk Blues - 4th August 2005
Hunter Finkelstein - 4th August 2005
Public Toilet - 2nd August 2005
A Dirty Shame - 1st August 2005
Stephen Chow Q&A - 31st July 2005
Godzilla: Final Wars - 29th July 2005
Crying Fist - 29th July 2005
Piccadilly - 28th July 2005
The Swenkas - 27th July 2005
The Eiffel Tower - 27th July 2005
Sonic The Hedgehog - An Icon of Our Times (ACMI) 27th July 2005
McDull Prince de la Bun - 26th July 2005
Seventeen - 26th July 2005
Casshern - 23rd July 2005
RRR Outside Broadcast from MIFF - 23rd July 2005
Arakimentari - 22nd July 2005
Night Watch - 21st July 2005
MUFF 2005 - The Beast of Trash Video - 17th July 2005
My Timetable - 8th July 2005
My 2005 MIFF shortlist - 8th July 2005


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