2005 Melbourne Undergound Film Festvial : Beast of Trash Video

Sunday, 17 July 2005

I had heard that Andrew Leavold was doing three screenings at MUFF this year, but as it turns out I couldn’t make it to the first two. From what I heard “That’s Godsploitation Too” went down well and even included a ranting religious nut in the audience. The Lesbo-a-Go-Go screening with live commentary also went down very well and any night that ends with you pressing your butt cheeks up against the window at Hungry Jacks must be a good one.

The screening tonight at Loop bar in the city is a collection of the best videos that Andrew has collected through Trash Video and his own collections over twenty years and it is a ‘party tape’ in his own words.

To warm up for the main event, Andrew screened a short animation program that included Steadman, Mnemonics (“Cyanide Tastes Like Sweet Candy”), Wonderman and Fetal Scooby Doo. They had all screened on the Comedy Channel before, but I only remember seeing Steadman before.

Andrew introduced the main program and gave a brief rundown of what Trash Video is about. As it turns out those lucky people in Brisbane get to see a program like this at least once a month, while fans in Melbourne and Sydney are at the mercy of Andrew’s travel schedule and how well his shop is going.

The main program was as follows:

The Impossible Kid trailer – A three minute trailer for the sequel to “For Your Height Only”. I have actually seen this movie before, but it was good to see how they presented it in the trailer and it also had many shots of Weng Weng sliding across the floor.

PORKCHOP SANDWICHES – a re-voiced version of one of the 'educational' clips from the cartoon series 'MASK'. Taken from the internet. I guess it is another one of those 'you had to be there' jokes.

Video clip as featured in ‘Ghost World’ – The full version of the clip from the Bollywood movie that appeared in the movie Ghost World. Even in context it still looked weird.

McDonald’s Training Film – this creepy training film from the 1970’s pounds home the ‘courtesy is catching’ message and tries to upgrade customer service. Pah! I expect to be served by surly teenagers when I go to these places and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Strongbad Email “Trogdor the Burninator” – A clip from one of the many famous ‘Strongbad Emails’ that appear on the homestarr runner website. You can get a DVD of these emails now.

Renaldo and the Loaf – A very weird movie about a young boy with his mother in a very red kitchen and some homeless man who dies his hair blue. The puppet was extra strange. I don’t think it was meant to make any sense.

Kids Show – A completely screwed up version of Sesame Street with young kids presenting that including the following segments: Where do babies come from? (Lebanon) What’s wrong with this picture? The Story of the letter N with graphic letter sex. How hotdogs are made with commentary by the little kids. A very dodgy scene of a young girl interviewing old men outside a public toilet and Funny/Not Funny.

TV’s from Outer Space – A video clip with strange looking rockabilly dudes.

Swingers video – A couple wearing clown wigs and masks look for swinging partners.

Menstruation education video – A young down’s syndrome girl and her badly-dubbed family experience the joys of menstruation. You would have to be very puerile and sick to laugh at this, but most people did anyone. Disturbing pedo-type jokes from some people didn’t help.

Swirly – Starring David Carruso and a man who is a giant ice cream vs. the Mob. It was presented as a trailer for an upcoming movie, but I doubt it actually happened.

Crippled Masters – inspired by the movie Crippled Avengers, two martial artists with actual missing limbs kick arse.

Love the big game hunter – classic 50’s style music video with a sexy starlet and funny ‘animals’.

Cheesecake – a disturbed man gets back at his family by giving them a ‘special’ cheesecake for Christmas. No one has ever found out if it is real or not.

Disco Dancer – a clip from a 1982 Bollywood movie that is meant to be disco, but ends up as disco crossed with glam rock. It is very funny and I don’t know why this clip hasn’t appeared in a movie also.

Rejected – Animator Don Hertzfeld presents several ads that were rejected for some reason by various companies. I liked how the animation and drawing style were very simple, but they had a lot of character. My favourite lines are as follows:
“My spoon is too big!”
“I am a banana!”

“Now with more Sodium!”
“Sweet Jesus!”

“My anus is bleeding!”