2005 Melbourne International Film Festival : The Eiffel Tower (2003)

27th July 2005

Director: Niklas Radstrom

Tagline: Even in an alternate universe, things really not that different…

This short begins with a man having a dream running around the streets of Paris, looking for the Eiffel Tower. When he wakes up he thinks it is just a bad dream, until his wife tells him she has no idea what this ‘Eiffel Tower’ is. It seems he has fallen through to an alternate universe in his sleep where writers and artists have swapped places with physicists and engineers and some iconic landmarks have shifted places.

The theme has been covered before in shorts such as Dentally Obsessed, but the difference in this one is that the main character is quite happy in his new world once he adjusts to the differences and he doesn’t go insane trying to convince people otherwise.

I also thought the way they explained the differences was great. For once the main character has the sense to go to an encyclopaedia and look up the information himself.

The actual things that are different when the main characters wake up also seem reasonable and the best thing was revealed at the very end of the film, but I’ll leave you to find that one out yourself.

While this short is more a quirky tale than a comedy, I thought it had enough jokes and was just unusual enough to be quite enjoyable.

Rating: 8/10