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Yuen Qiu - Land Lady
Leung Siu Lung - The Beast
Chan Man Keung - writer of Kung Fu Hustle

Interviewer: Mark Morrison

I was very excited about this forum so I ended up getting a taxi from the Tote in Collingwood just so I could get down there early to get a good seat. I didn't know they didn't want anyone to take photos so I stopped after they told me to (they let me take photos last week during the RRR FM outside broadcast though.)

I will try and note the questions and who answered them the best I can. There were no questions from the floor as three of the people interviewed had to be asked questions through a translator, which slowed down the process somewhat. I thought the translator did a very good job though.

In response to the question of how did he come to be a director, Stephen Chow answered that his first movie as a director was "Flirting Scholar" and that the directors on his movies didn't like him asking questions all the time so suggested he should direct himself if he was interested in it.

In response to a question on the inspiration to Kung Fu Hustle, Stephen Chow said that making a Kung Fu film had always been a dream of his and he wanted to bring it to fruition.

Chan Man Keung, one of the writers of Kung Fu Hustle was asked what he thought of Stephen Chow as a director. He replied that he was a weird director, but special to work with.

Chan was also asked if it was hard to work on the screenplay due to the speed of production in Hong Kong movies, to which he replied that Stephen Chow is a very slow director so it was easy (laughter).

Yuen Qiu was asked about her upbringing in the Beijing Opera school and if it was difficult to come back to working on a Kung Fu film after 20 years. She didn't want to answer the first question as she had a bad experience growing up and that it was quite easy to come back as everyone was helping her.

Yuen Qiu was also asked what was her motivation to work on the movie, she jokingly replied "Money & fame", but added that she just wanted the privilege to work with Stephen Chow.

Leung Siu Lung was asked the differences in working on a movie today as compared with the 70's. He said it is more exciting to do so today. He was also the funniest person interviewed as when he was asked if he liked playing the baddie for the first time, he replied "what do you think?" and about Stephen Chow's kung fu skills he said "do you want to try?" and he also offered to demonstrate his famous side-kick.

Back to Stephen Chow and in a response to if it was hard to train in martial arts for the movie he replied that is wasn't as lots of people were helping him. An important question for Stephen was one about Bruce Lee to which he responded that he sees him as a 'creative presence' and an inspiration to his work. His answer to if he is the "new Jackie Chan" was funny as he said he is not that good in martial arts.

In an answer that interested me, Stephen Chow said that special effects are difficult to use and make the film take longer and cost longer. Also computer graphics help the creative process, but they shouldn't be the main focus of the film. He also replied that he is still learning to balance comedy and drama after making so many comedy movies.

He is also not sure of a sequel to Kung Fu Hustle as he doesn't like repeating himself. ("No more soccer!" from KFH is seen as response to those people who want a sequel to Shaolin Soccer.)

The funniest answer from the night from everyone who was interviewed was if Hong Kong would be a better place if everyone knew Kung Fu like was explored in Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. Answer: NO!

Stephen Chow's final answers for the night concerned that Kung Fu Hustle was made in the style of the old Kung Fu films that he grew up watching in the 1970s, he wants to reach a wider audience in his movies and that he is using Kung Fu as a medium to do so as it can reach a wider audience than verbal comedy.

I really enjoyed the Q&A and hope to see more films from Stephen Chow in the future.

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