2005 Melbourne International Film Festival : Hunter Finklestein (2004)

4th August 2005

Director: Michael Weisler

Tagline: "Heroes seems so from afar, but if you meet them you'll think twice..."

In this short Tim Rogers plays Hunter Finklestein, the ghost-writer for Rabbi Fenkel whose sermons have been bringing big attendances since he came to that arrangement. Hunter is inspired to write by the on musician in particular and when he hears he will be able to see him in the countryside one day, he asks Rabbi Fenkel for his car. Rabbi Fenkel wants to come too, so they set off through the countryside, getting lost on the way and finally meeting the performer, only he is not what Hunter wanted to see.

While you could say that Tim Rogers really just played himself in this movie, I thought his performance was great and suited the ‘rock star’ image that he was trying to portray. Tim Rogers himself said he really doesn’t think that much of acting so this is one of the few opportunities you will get to see him in such a role.

I thought the stylish black and white photography suited this film very well as it made you concentrate on the characters more and it seemed to be set in a time of its own because of this.

The soundtrack by Matt Walker and Ashley Davies was brilliant and really suited the whole film. For those of you who liked the movie, please be aware that Matt Walker is NOT a Neo-Nazi, it was just a movie (I thought it was worth stating this fact as some people take things too seriously.)

Rating: 7/10