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Off the Record & Film Buff's Forecast

Festival Club at the Forum Theatre, Melbourne
Saturday, 23rd July 2005

Even though it is a busy time of year for me, I have managed to make it to the outside broacast for about three years now and I always enjoy my time there. As was the same as last year, Off the Record also did their broadcast immediately preceding Film Buff's Forecast and Chris Wilson and Shannon Bourne played. While Melbourne BBQ Day is still my favourite outside broadcast for RRR FM, this would have to be the only one I would get out of bed early to attend.

Guests on Off the Record included the people behind the Towns Van Sant documentary at the festival and also Tim Rogers who talked about his involvement with the short "Hunter Finklestein", wanting to be in Fred Negro's 'Pub Strip' and name dropped the whole time he was on.

While there were several guests on Film Buff's forecast, my favourite was David Stratton as he is very experienced in running festivals. He revealed that he is very interested on young people's attitudes towards film as he was only 25 himself when he became the director of the Sydney Film Festival.

Also my friends turned up during Film Buff's so I went and talked to them for the last half of the show which was really good. The booths at the Festival Club are really great if you are with a few friends as you have your own space and don't have to move furniture around.

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