TISM Idol Live 2004

HiFi Bar, Melbourne
Friday, 2nd July 2004

As TISM generally only do a couple of live shows a year these days (at least in Melbourne) I knew the first show would sell out fairly quickly. There are some hard core fans that are seeing them both nights and who have already seen them twice this week (Community Cup, Tote Wed.) Although I like the band, they are not GIT or the Twits so I don't need to see them that often.

Also I saw a woman who I thought was a friend of the Spazzy's who keeps getting mistaken for their drummer (she wasn't so I just left her to watch the show.)

Being the support act for TISM is a thankless task, especially due to some of the arseclowns that make up TISM's hardcore fans. Arkenspace and Daybreak Giants did really well from what I heard up in the top bar (with a window looking across the crowd.)

I was planning on seeing TISM play from the same place I stood last year, but every tall bastard in the room thought it was a good idea to stand right in front of me. The band also decided to pull some arty rubbish where they played distorted versions of recent popular songs for half and hour after they dimmed the lights just to shit people. I gave up and went up the top bar (you can see all of the stage and hear it just as well.)

The format for this year's tour is TISM Idol where they play songs from their new album in between some old classics (mostly from "Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance".) There was a panel of judges on stage and contestants got up to sing versions of TISM's songs. The funniest one of these was the "Chumpy Chomp" dog food poetry (I hadn't heard it before.)

All the band had signs on their heads - JOHN, JOHN, JOHN, JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE & RINGO and handled them really well (except for Ron Hitler Barassi who got pissed off with his and ripped it off.) Also Ron took two almost consecutive dives into the audience. The first one was a bit nasty as the roadie started punching people to try to release Ron from the crowd's grip. Why would you want to keep hanging onto a naked, ugly, sweaty man like him?

Much hilarity ensued with Ron dancing naked on stage - flapping gorgonzola indeed! The roadies gaffer taped his pants back on and found another mask.

The night ended with all seven members of the band voted off and the judges of TISM Idol and other contestants singing the chorus to "Defecate on My Face" over and over (for almost 15 minutes.)

TISM did do an encore this time (no crowd shouting "TISM are wankers!" for half an hour) with three good songs.

A really good night and I will definitely be going to see TISM if they play next year.


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