TISM at the HiFi Bar, Melbourne, 2001


I arrived at the HI-FI bar at about 7.30PM and saw that the 'Victims of TISM Support Group' were already there. One of the many things they talked about was which member of the band was most up themselves and only in it for the drugs (I'm not telling.)

The two masked fans also managed to get hit on by two women as well as getting bemused looks from passers-by. Also entertaining was the Amazing Stackhat Man on his Marvellous Motorised Moped (you're only 5 yards from a fuckwit), he did get cheers from the people in the line though.

On the way in I got 'The making of De Riguer Mortis' CD (which is pretty good actually.)

The first band was Casette, who I watched from the bar upstairs. I reckon they would be a good band if you went and saw them by themselves, but they'd basically given up and said they were called "Get Fucked!"

Downstairs again and Fur Patrol started up. They are really loud and more than held their own against the hostile crowd. I reckon they are well worth looking out for in the future. The lead singer had a great comeback -
"I'll show you mine if you show me yours matey!"

Some other good quotes I heard during the night: "Those guys want to see TISM so mutch it hurts!"
Comment about 'Victims of TISM' antics before the show had even started.

"There are a lot of nobheads here!" Some woman talking about the fans. (Stuffed if I know why people come to gigs if they're not going to enjoy themselves.)

TISM came out wearing their usual black PJs, but were also covered in gold streamers.

Their first song, an ode to Nikki Webster -
"If you're not famous by 14 then your finished" will probably be the most popular from their new albulm when it is released (it's the most radiogenic of their new songs.)

There was a good mix of old songs as well as a few from their new album - Fourteen Years in Rowville, Big Fucking Whoopie, Channel Turd, and Thou Shalt not Brittney Spear amongst others.

A great addition was the brass band that joined TISM on stage for the last two songs.

TISM being who they are, they also took the opportunity to mercilessly lampoon all the people they think are wankers - including themselves. Kyle Minogue gets a special mention in BFW.

I really enjoyed their song Saturday Night Palsy where one of the band members decided to sing it from the mixing desk in the middle of the audience (he didn't get his mask ripped of for some reason.)

I would hate to be the roadie for TISM as they have to be the most apathetic performers I have seen on stage, dropping mikes, continuously jumping into the crowd and having to be rescued and being unmasked. That's TISM for you, of course they make up for this somewhat for the simple reason that they are TISM.

Something that I would like to see is how good TISM would go as a support band for Butthole Surfers (who I have heard are an excellent live band), although it would probably be a bit too much to have them both on at the same venue.

Created on ... January 18, 2007