HiFi Bar, Grand Final Eve 2003

"Now my wishes have all been answered, Delta Godrem has got cancer!"

In what is rumoured to be their last gig ever TISM returned to the HiFi bar this year for a Grand Final Eve gig due to Humphrey B. Fleurbert being a big Aussie Rules nut.

The support act was the Fallouts who managed to hold their own against the surprisingly well behaved TISM fans in the front of the crowd.

Something that I have never seen before at a gig is the roadie getting a cheer from the audience. Seeing how many times he needed to go into the crowd later it was not surprising.

Opening the show was a host and panel of phone operators who were trying to raise $1 million to stop TISM from breaking up. Both the host and the phone answerers stayed on stage throughout the show.

TISM's costumes where great tonight, made from discarded silver wine cask bladders and old beanbags. I don't think they could have found something that would make more mess when it was (inevitably) ripped apart by the crowd if they tried (apart from asbestos & razor blades.)

Their first song seemed to be a new one "I don't give a fuck", which will probably be the last new song they do ever.

Much to the amusement of the crowd, they played all their old favourites and ended giving up the microphone to some of the hard-core fans to let them sing (one of them even joined them on stage.)

I got a surprise during one song when I heard the song continuing, but I couldn't see anyone on stage singing. When I turned around one of the band members was climbing over the audience behind me (he made it back to the stage in one piece though.)

Humphrey B. Fleurbert and another band member jumped into the crowd several times, losing their costume, mask and pants. The filling from the costume made it look like it had snowed in their later.

For some reason they decided to stick the boot in to several popular Australian bands including Powderfinger, JET & The Vines (sour grapes obviously.)

Towards the end the host came on again saying they only needed $1 to reach their target, prompting a hail of gold coins from the audience (the roadies won't be short of beer money that's for sure.)

In true TISM style the ended their show abruptly and even though no one left for half an hour they still didn't come back for an encore.


Created on ... January 18, 2007