22:49 6/04/2001

To: *deleted*

The recent flood of labelling everything under the sun with the phrase 'ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US', piqued my interest mainly because I had no idea what it was about.

On further investigation I discovered that it was an unfunny in-joke that had started on a techincal news site on the web.

This is yet another example of the influence that the web and other electronic communication media have on language and fashions in this age.

Where did we get our quotes from before the Internet? Mainly it was due to people actually going out to socialise, reading books and watching movies.

Of course you can't think you'll get away with no examples of quotes in this discussion do you?

Some quotes that did not originate on the Internet:

'Confound you Sancho!', interrupted Don Quixote. 'Sixty thousand devils take you and your proverbs!'
- Don Quixote
(For use on people who have a quote for every situation.)

- A sticker that has been seen on every surface known to man throughout the Melbourne public transport system. All 5000 stickers were put there by one person.

Elvis made me do it
- From a billboard vandalised by the activist group PHUC IT UP in protest at Nike.

'Oh! We were watching that!'
- Dogs in Space (For use when you fall asleep in front of the TV and someone turns it off.)

- Dogs in Space
(For use when you are going somewhere on the spur of the moment.)

'You know, it's a big place the desert, got lost in it myself.'
'Looks like there's a thunderstorm on the horizon.'
- I have no mouth and I must scream
(To be repeated in response to any question.)

'Pop get pizza for cat.'
- Bad Boy Bubby
(It has to be pizza, 'Pop get Chiko Roll for cat' doesn't sound as good.)

'Do you know where I can find any sailors?'
- Ryo Hazuki

'Patience I need!!'
- King Lear

'Fifty Bucks!'
- A friend of mine

'So, have you coded in the General Protection Faults yet?'
- Me on Windows 3.X programming (it was along time ago.)

'Fred Negro, the man who eats his own undies.'
- Fred Negro, The Fuck Fucks, New Years Eve 2000, The Espy

'Sonic is boring, toy just jump from one bit of grass to another bit of grass.'
- Victoria expresses her views on a popular video game.

'I can hold my ankles!'
- Georgia demonstrates her flexibilty, which is noteworthy in that she is neither a gymnast by profession or recreationally.