National BBQ Day @ the Rooftop Cafe

18:21 24/11/2002

"All hail the BBQ!"

I had been hearing about this on RRR for a few weeks so I decided to go check it out today as it sounded like fun.

It was on the top story of the same building that RRR is in and was the idea of Johnny Von Goes (who got into the spirit of the day wearing board shorts and thongs), to celebrate National BBQ day and have a good time while presenting shows live from the rooftop.

I arrived about half way through the 'Eat It' show to hear them talking about Julian Woo had on the Woo-B-Q (Webber). The best thing was the "Chicken on the throne" - a whole chicken with an empty can of beer up it's date, although you can leave some beer in there if you want to steam the meat.)

What I really wanted to see though was the people from "The Spin" and they didn't disappoint. They ended up doing their show from a picnic table as there were too many to sit behind a desk.

One of the funniest things from the show today was when they passed around a newspaper article of a state government MP who they reckon has trouble controlling his 'member' in press conferences. (I'm not telling as previous experience has taught me that it is far too easy for people like Kerry Packer's lawyers and John Saffran to find out about things if you start talking about them.)

The highlight of the day was JVG's Radio Method with Johnny Von Goes walking around the crowd (over 100 people) and asking them how the sausages where and leading everyone in a rousing "All hail the BBQ!"

Music for the day followed the theme of the BBQ with Dan Warner and the BBQ-shop quartet playing BBQ novelty songs such as "Poppa's got a brand new snag", "You'll always take the Webber with you" and finishing up with JVG singing "You've got to fight for your right to Bar-B!" (I thought he would bust the floor when he was jumping up and down.)

A very enjoyable day all up and one of the top 3 RRR FM outside broadcasts I have been to (apart from the charity footy match and last year's Breakfasters OB in the city.)


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