Selected works

As I have always had an interest in writing, but only recently started to actually do it again, I have decided to put selected pieces of my work on the web to share with other people who might like to read them. Thanks.

Here's some my more favourite works in no particular order
Classic Arcade Games You've Never Played Part 1
Classic Arcade Games You've Never Played Part 2
Mine & MegaHAL's 'Tomorrow, When the War Began' Screenplay (first scene)
Some reflections on Star Wars.
My personals ad
Review of Renior to Picasso Exhibition
My thoughts on the Butthole Surfers in concert

TISM related

Bands in TISM's "Thunderbirds are Coming Out Video" where are they now?
TISM at the HiFi Bar - 28/9/2001
Save Our TISM Concert - Grand Final Eve 2003
TISM Idol - 2nd July 2004

Other Stuff
The Epic of Antworth

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