The Kelly Gang - The Final Battle

Director: Perran Ross
Run time: 3:51, Discipline: Stop motion

Tagline: A bit rough around the edges, just the way I like it

A retelling of the final showdown of the Kelly gang at Glenrowan using stop motion animation. It is also shot using sepia tones and has title cards on screen for a more authentic look.

I thought this short was great, even though it looks a bit rough. It was excellent to see the fingerprints on the figures (it looks like Blutack was used) and the helmets and sparklers for gunfire look great also.

It is good to see people are still making shorts like this as the trend seems to be more towards 3D computer graphics and Flash animation as it is easier and doesn't take as much time to do. Nick Park (Wallace and Grommit) started out in his room making shorts like this so it is a great start.

Rating: 7/10

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