The Skateboard Chronicals Part 1 - Enter the Skateboard

Director: James Cocks
Run time: 1:35,Discipline: 2D

Tagline: SK8 2 CR8 YR F8 OR KISS MY D8!

Having lived with a skate-mad brother in the early 1990s I am well aware of the culture and its effects on young people. This short is great as it looks like it was created by someone who has a big interest in skateboarding as they wanted to show how it is like.

The animation is very simple, but very effective and it even has some self-referencing film style jokes in it to liven things up.

It was a bit rough and ready, but hopefully the director will make more shorts in the future (it is part one of the series) and goes on to make longer films.

Rating: 7/10

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