Ron the Zookeeper

Director: Darcy Prendergast
Run time: 6:45, Discipline: Claymation

Tagline: The next Harvey Krumpet?

A sick and twisted story of the last Grey Panda and his dedicated keeper who is determined to ensure the survival of his species, even if he needs to resort to panda porn, Viagra and "manual stimulation".

While it looks very polished, I don't know if this film will do as well as its contemporaries as it is a bit out there with the theme and some people might be turned off by it. Stranger things have happened though and I am sure it will have a great run at screening nights and festivals all over the place.

The best part of watching this short was actually watching the reactions to the other people while the movie was screening. The director would have gotten a kick out of it also if he was at the screening.

Rating: 7/10


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