Kevin the Flea

Director: Bonnie Van De Ven
Run time: 3:29, Discipline: 3D

Tagline: Howdy neighbour!

A young flea finds love, loses it and eventually ends up happy, but not in a way he would have expected. I have wanted to see this film for a while as the director lives next door to me so it was great to go to the screening.

Having a poem for the script really ads something special to the short and helps with the pacing of the story also. The character designs and settings were great also as was the animation and music. I also liked the narrators voice and sound effects in the film.

I hope Bonnie works on more films as she always seems to be busy and it would be a shame if she never got to work on her own stuff sometimes. I would love for this film to be submitted to some other short film nights as I think it would do really well also.

Rating: 9/10


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