Victorian Student Animation Festival 2007

Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Wednesday, 15th March 2007

I wasn't planning on doing anything that night, but my neighbour and director of Kevin the Flea invited me to this screening and I wanted to see her film. Also it gave me the chance to see the work of some young up an coming directors and vote for Bonnie's film in the audience poll (shhh!)

The quality of the work was surprising and there were a few in particularly that should be screening in film festivals and screening nights already.

I went looking for more information on some of the directors, but I couldn't find much information on most of the films so I will post links to the ones I have found at the bottom of the reviews.

Hopefully the directors of these films go onto bigger and better things, I have given my honest opinion on these films in the hope that the directors see the reviews and are encouraged to do better.

Congratulations to the directors and Holmesglen Tafe for putting on such a great festival. I will try to keep it in mind for next year if I find out in time and see the next generation in action.

Thanks - Tim Chmielewski

Calvin & the Dragon
Cyclone Armor Guardian
The Kelly Gang - the Final Battle
Kevin the Flea
Hazel the Squirrel & how gravity was discovered
Finders Keepers
Ron the Zoopkeeper
The Big Cat Zoo
Death Match
To and Fro
The Skateboard Chronicals Part 1 - Enter the Skateboard
The Alien
Sperm Study
Ashes to Ashes