Cyclone Armor Guardian

Director: Gary Liew
Run time: 4:00, Discipline: 3D

Tagline: Video gaming goodness

With a name taken from a skill in the game Diablo 2, this short takes elements from many popular video games and references from recent action movies and builds them into a tight story of a treasure hunter trying to get a prize from a robot.

I used to play video games quite a bit until I started getting interested in photography, so I still remember what it was like to play the games. This film reminded me a lot of the game Soul Calibur due to all the fluid moves and different fighting skills on display.

While it was a good short, I did find it a bit cold and it might be hard to get into if you are not really into video games or science fiction style stories. This is not to discourage the director as I think they should do more work and try different themes as you never know how you will go.

Rating: 7/10

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