Calvin & the Dragon

Director: Nils Gleissenberger
Run time: 1:29, Discipline: 3D

Tagline: Enter the dragon, exit the hero…

In a scene very similar to one in Shrek, our pint-sized armoured hero sees a vast stash of gold, only to find it protected by a fearsome dragon. His efforts to outrun the beast are in vain as it barges through walls and he is left hanging, what will be his next move?

I really enjoyed this film as it was very well put together, had some great character designs and settings and good pacing. It really wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood-produced feature and there has been a lot of work go into this film to make it look the way it does.

It was interesting having the main character be so short as it makes it different to other sword and sorcery films and the dragon is very well realised.

Hopefully this director and his team go on to do more work and we find out how Calvin gets out of this mess.

Rating: 8/10


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