The BBQ (2007)

Director: Shpend Mula

Tagline: It feels like summer, it must be the season. The BBQ season, mighty, mighty pleasin'...

Joining the Parthenon of esteemed BBQ films such as Butthole Surfers Texas BBQ and Babakiueria, this film avoids all the usual BBQ related themes and instead goes the contemporary route with anti-terror raids and terrorists knicking people's LPG cylinders the low down dirty robbers!

I liked how the bloke seemed determined to cook the meat even though there were bullets coming through the fence and explosions in the neighbourhood.

Great use of black and white and setting in an average bloke's backyard was a great touch.

Here JVG, aren't there enough movies about BBQs to have a BBQ film night now? I know you hate all that arty stuff but not all art school graduates are like how you sing about.

Rating: 8/10