VCA Graduate Screenings 2007

Program C
ACMI Cinemas, Saturday 8th December 2007

I heard about two of the movies in this program on Film Buff's forecast the previous week and I wanted to see the Grind Girls doco in particular. I was busy on the Thursday night when it first screened but the time on Saturday was perfect and also allowed me to catch up on some photo editing that had been lagging behind recently.

The program seemed to be just the right length and there were some good films included with the crowd favourite being A Triumphant Tale (Scott Baskett) about the vanilla slice competition in Ouyen. Seeing how Kenny has been so popular I wasn't that surprised as people enjoy honesty and real people's stories on screen.

I was really looking forward to seeing the Grind Girls doco, it was nice, but as they said they haven't had any matches yet so there really wasn't much skating footage. As a historical document of their league it will be a good film for them to have though.

It was a good screening and it was great to see an earlier session (Program E) had sold out, so they are getting lots of people to come see their movies. I will look forward to seeing these shorts do the festival circuit in the future.

Hell's Gate
A Triumphant Tale
The Ambassador
Grind Girls
296 Smith Street
A Different Cut
Winter Peony