Hell's Gate (2007)

Director: Jonathan Auf Der Heide

Tagline: And now a non-musical version of the story…

Made famous by the Weddings Parties Anything song "A tale they won't believe" this version of the story is much darker and very gory in parts. Due to time constraints they don't go through the whole story, but it tells enough set the scene and is very effective.

Green and brown seemed to be the predominant colours in the movie, but they were very muted to match the mood. The landscape was very wild and hasn't changed since the actual events of the story hundreds of years ago.

I thought the cast was great and it was an excellent idea to have dialog in Gaelic as it was more realistic and it is not really shown in most historical dramas where everyone speaks English by default.

Even from watching the movie you can tell it would have been a very difficult shoot and the cast and crew would have to camp out to film scenes. It does seem to come through in the movie though as the characters seem very driven in their roles and all share the same desperation.

An excellent debut short from this graduate and hopefully more directors will tackle realistic historical dramas in the future.

Rating: 8/10