Grind Girls (2007)

Director: Poppy Shmith

Tagline: You go girls!

This was the film I most wanted to see at the screenings and the director even contacted me during the week as she was excited about the screening.

As they say in the film, there haven't actually been any roller derby matches as yet as they are still in the planning and training phase. They have had a lot of events and media though and I have had the chance to meet the participants a few times and take photos.

This film will inevitably draw comparisons with the recent movie Hell on Wheels, but that movie was shot over a couple of years and was more about the dramas of the organisers of the first leagues of the revival in the US. I am sure the director saw that movie as I do remember seeing some roller skates on the backs of seats in the screening.

It did have some historical footage, but I thought it was relevant to the story and fitted in nicely with the running time.

The practise footage shot out at Caribbean Rollerama was nice too and Betty Bamalam looked great skating underneath the ultraviolet lights in the intro. I wish there was more of the skating in the movie though or some footage from some of the events and appearances that have occurred so far.

Betty Bamalam and Golden Steph were interviewed for the short and it was good to hear their different views on the sport.

The most important reason for this documentary was as a historical document, so hopefully in a year's time the league and other people can come back to it and see the progress the subjects have made.

Rating: 7/10