The German Movie

Director: Lee Marquardt

Tagline: Die fluffy toys! Mein Lieben!

Two men in army fatigues are chasing a puppet monkey around their backyard. When they catch it, they immediately put it into the dill press and put it to death. It turns out there are more fluffy toys in their house and they are intent on killing them all. It is not explained why they are at war with them and the whole thing is back by German beer hall music.

Who said German people are not funny? This is a movie for anyone who has ever wanted to shoot teddy bears or punch Ronald McDonald. I particularly liked the felt snake trying to strange one of the men by hanging him from the door frame as those snakes usually can’t hurt you unless you hit someone in the eye.

What is great about fighting with soft toys is that you can punch them as hard as you want and it won’t hurt your own fist. The final shot of the two men carrying heavy weapons and an ammo box and facing off against all the other toys in the corridor is a classic.

This short comes highly recommend to everyone who is sick of cute fluffy toys, puppies, kitties and all that romantic rubbish. Best viewed with friends after drinking far too much so you can all laugh at the death of each fluffy toy.

Rating: 8/10