Sweet Mustard Pickles

Director: Anea Himbury

Tagline: Yep, this is an average tram ride for me

On what seems like an average tram ride into the city we see what happens when a wino comes on board and starts singing, much to the annoyance of the other passengers and the driver.

I liked the passengers as they are all people you would see on an average tram ride: the ‘tard in a Stackhat, the business man, a raver, a sleeping woman, an old woman and her dog and the singing wino (a lot of homeless people travel on trams to keep warm.)

The music was a bit strange, but it matched the on screen action perfectly and also the dialogue being in gibberish. There is a rhythm of tram travel that you don’t get on the train or the bus that this film also manages to capture.

This was a very enjoyable short and I hope to see more from this director in the future. The tram setting is also a venue that more films should exploit as I have heard some of the best stories on them as people are more willing to talk to other passengers on this form of public transport (due to there being no conductors, people also have to help others get on and off the tram so this also helps.)

Rating: 8/10

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