Super Zombie

Director: Jero Cocksmith

Tagline: “Look! A pebble in the shape of Jesus!”

As the festival director for Trasharama admitted, we’ve got zombies coming out of our arses at the moment. So any movie featuring zombies has to be really different to get noticed.

I am happy to say that this is such a movie. The concept is brilliant and unusual enough to be noticed in today’s crowded marketplace brimming with the un-dead.

Super Zombie is the one person you don’t want to rescue you as he will just end up eating your brains. That is, when he can be bothered rescuing you at all.

This cycle is interrupted one day when he rescues a ‘tard from some hip-hop hoodlums and falls in love with him rather than eating his brains (not much point anyway.)

A sequel is promised and I will be looking forward to its release. The next film in the series would have to be good to top this effort though.

Rating: 9/10