Director: Shannon George

Tagline: Matrimonial chainsaw massacre

One of the things that I can’t stand in movies is when violence against women is glorified and made the main feature of the movie. Ichi the Killer completely lost me from the first shot because of this and it is one of the reasons I can’t enjoy slasher flicks.

Too many people go along with the popular trend of horror films and don’t say anything about the violence (Wolf Creek, I’m looking at you), but I have to put my foot down somewhere and state my position on such things.

In this short a chainsaw maniac cuts up a woman in her new house, we later find out that it may or may not be the husband who is having problems with a split personality that he is on medication for. Ha! Ha! I’ve just ruined the picture for you! Good!

If no one says anything about this more films are going to be made in the same style.

Just quit it!

Rating: 1/10