Leaving Home

Director: Nick Moss

Tagline: Get ready for more of these…

With the success for Wolf Creek overseas, the serial killer genre is going to become very popular amongst short filmmakers, just as zombie movies picked up after Undead.

This movie is one of the first to pick up on the trend, but it does have a strong element of humour that makes it stand out.

Ethel is leaving home for the first time to move to South Australia. She arranges to board at the house of Mr Chopper Bell-Chamber, despite his heavy breathing and laughing scarily down the phone.

When she arrives, Ethel is still stupid and blind to the situation until it is too late for her.

While this is a funny short, I am going to get sick of this genre very quickly if they all decide to follow the same pattern.

Also, why are there never any women serial killers of psychotic axe murders? The opportunity is there for some to change the genre around if they tried.

Rating: 7/10

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