Trashrama 2005

Loop Bar
Sunday, 23 October 2005

It seems like only a few months ago that I went to the same venue to see Andrew Leavold's "The Beast of Trash Video" program for MUFF and I was interested in this screening program as it was in the same style as the films presented there, but all the films were made in Australia and submitted to the screening as part of a competition.

The screening program is travelling around Australia in a van like Alby Mangels used to do and there are different films being screened each time so that the local content is prominent. Disturbingly, all the shorts about serial killers seemed to come from South Australia...

There was quite a good-sized audience for the venue with a mixture of people and also I noticed that Japanese Zombie Punk fashion has finally arrived in Australia - hurrah! (Where can I get a "Camp Kill Yourself" t-shirt?)

There were a lot of films on the program not including the bonus ones we were shown to make up for some minor technical problems. My favourite films in the original program were as follows:

Dial A Dero (Dick Dale) in this parody of loud advertisements, we learn the wonders of a constantly vomiting dero to help with life's little problems. Contains a lot of vomiting and violence against deros.

The German Movie (Brett Wallace) two German men in army fatigues are at war with soft toys that are invading their house. Some toys want peace and to help them, but others just want to kill.

Baby Pepper (Carl Russo) Annoying baby protestors get their comeuppance with new Johnson's Baby Pepper Spray. "IT'S NOT TORTURE!" and "PAIN, WITHOUT THE RASH!"

Super Zombie was my favourite short of the night and very wrong. A super zombie saves the day in various situations, but ends up eating the brains of the people he rescues. That is until one day he rescues a 'tard in a bike helmet and they fall in love...

The bonus features were also great and included the infamous "Flame Joy Gently" infomercial with a fake Moira and real burning hair. Also included were some of Dick Dale's earlier features.

The touring program still has a lot of dates to complete before the end of the year so I highly recommend you check it out if it comes near you. There is also a lucky door prize if you need further incentive and you may get to pick up like the lucky bastard sitting next to me did.

Dial A Dero
Sweet Mustard Pickles
The German Movie
Destroyer of Nations
Happy (Dead) Together
Bad Weather
Baby Pepper
Denim Avenger vs. the Undead Seamen
Attack of the Yeast
I love you...plop
Leaving Home
Super Zombie
A Story, a song, a dream
Hair Removal
Best of 3
Pelican Boy