I love you...plop

Director: Timothy Spanos

Tagline: Tawdry toilet trouble trumps tryst

This movie reminded me of the old ‘farting in the car’ joke and while it was funny, it did go on for a bit.

A man goes home with a ‘hot chick’ and they are just about to have sex when the woman has to go off to the dunny. After a long while on the toilet, she returns to find the man has fled after hearing her explosive diarrhoea.

For some reason I thought the gag at the end of this short was that the woman would turn out to be a man (and the bloke wouldn’t mind.) I am going to have to hide from the actress who played the role if she finds this review.

An interesting anecdote was that the ‘plop plop’ sound effects where recorded by the director on his own toilet (he is lactose intolerant and sculled two chocolate milks and then sat on the toilet with his sound equipment.)

All things considered, I thought this short was just average even with the toilet humour (and I have considered buying the fart CD that costs $20.)

Rating: 6/10

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