Director: Aaron Stevenson

Tagline: The grocery store killer strikes again

During their smoko, some butchers at the local community grocery store discuss entering a short film contest. While they are discussing their entry, we see that the manager is having trouble contacting the other staff from the store and in flashback we see that they are being killed off one by one by a killer with a hook.

This short is a very polished effort and fits into the growing genre of serial killer movies very well. Just about every death used in a slasher flick is on display here, even a version of the Psycho shower scene (with the killer getting caught in the shower curtain.) We never learn the killer’s motivation behind his carnage and no one tries to stop him.

While I am starting to become bored with this genre, people who like slasher movies would love this short. Hopefully it turns up on a compilation or is able to be downloaded as it should find a wider audience amongst fans horror.

Rating: 7/10

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