Hair Removal

Director: Troy Gillett

Tagline: And you thought waxing was bad…

I don’t watch Jackass and I have a low opinion of shows that rely on people hurting themselves as an attempt at comedy. In this case I am going to make an exception as I like the concept involved.

The Flame Joy Gently is presented in a mock infomercial which even includes a stand-in Moira. The beginning is a bit choppy, appearing to be shot at different times, but once they start demonstrating the product I was hooked.

Even the person on the camera laughs at the stupidity of the bloke burning the hair of himself with a gas-jet lighter. There is no doubt he is actually doing it in the movie and at one point he appears to deliberately cut himself to make a point.

Special bonus points for the ‘Flame Joy Genitally’ and the Magina that is torched to demonstrated it.

The filmmaker is a tool for making this film, but you have to admit it is a very memorable effort and different to many other short films around.

Rating: 8/10