Director: Dick Dale

Tagline: Another reason why flies are icky

In this short a man is driving down the road talking to an unseen passenger in his car, raving about killing the ‘mother fly’. In flashback we see the man working in a laboratory on ‘super LSD’, when the tea lady interrupts him. This interruption breaks his concentration and he ends up with a syringe of LSD in his eye. It is only when we come back to the present that we find out who he is talking to and he is then engulfed in flies.

This is a very strange horror short. It is made even better by the fact that real flies were used (raised specially in an esky for it) and the model of the mother fly is great.

I hadn’t seen any of this director’s work before I saw this film and several others at the screening. I thought it stood up well compared to the other films.

This short is available on a collection of shorts called ‘Cheesy Nob Nasties’ on DVD if you are interested. Try the Trasharama website for details or talk to the director at the festival screening.

Rating: 7/10

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