Destroyer of Nations

Director: Robert Marshall

Tagline: “Have you seen anything particularly evil lately?”

With a title taken from an old episode of the Xena TV show, the evil wizard Xenktar is looking to take over the world, while the wizard Tabiyan is out to stop him. I thought it was funny that Xenktar burnt everything, while Tabiyan just walked up to people on the street and asked if they had seen anything evil.

The image and audio quality is pretty bad, but the story is easy enough to follow, with the exception of all the flames. I would have liked more death metal references as it would have made it funnier.

I wish this film had made a bit more of itself as it looked like the filmmaker wanted to do more with it, but just couldn’t be bothered or there were other problems in production that prevented it from going further. The end result is still alright, but it could have been a lot better.

Rating: 6/10