Denim Avenger vs. the Undead Seamen

Director: Andy Kite

Tagline: Hair Metal vs. Zombie Pirates

When we first meet the Denim Avenger, he is dreaming about his band playing "HOTT SEXX ATTAKKK" to an adoring crowd, when he is wank fantasy is interrupted by a phone call from the evil Captain Blueballs who has kidnapped his wench.

Little does he know that he is walking into a trap and the seaman's bar is full zombies.
He finally tracks Captain Blueballs down for a final showdown including some hot wench-on-wench catfight action.

While this was a very funny short, it was marred by major technical problems at the screening which meant we saw the middle portion over and over. It still held up well however, and my favourite part of the repeated section was seeing the Denim Avenger rising out of the sea
with his spiked inflatable swimming aids on his arms, flicking his hair back and the water streaming off his massive gut.

The actor who played the Denim Avenger was great and looked proud to show off his big gut. Everyone wants to be a zombie and they also looked like they were having a good time eating brains and being beaten up.

I recommend this short if you are looking for a laugh with a group of friends, like hair metal or zombies.

Rating: 8/10