Best of 3

Director: Drew Thompson

Tagline: Crooked cops and their crooked game

Two crooked cops sit on the dunny taking a dump, while talking about their weekend game with some crims. They get the three suspects to stand in a line and then tell them to run, both of them get two shots each and then have to go to work manually.

Much violence and spilling of blood follows as they really get into the game. Eventually they have to abandon their sport when the real cops turn up. Cut to the present and their superior wants to have a word with them, will this be the end of their game?

Made in the style of Blue Murder, this short deals with police brutality and abuse of power. The same audience that enjoyed that infamous mini series would also like this short. It was also very Chopper-esque.

Melbourne has a lot of crime stories waiting to be made and hopefully this director does some more films in the same style.

Rating: 8/10