Attack of the Yeast

Directors: Neale Davy & Andrew Lloyd

Tagline: Horror from the brown bottle!

In this faux-horror trailer, we see evil yeast terrorising a young couple after the husband mistakenly tips an old home brew down the bathroom sink.

After watching the ‘All Monsters Attack’ collection of trailers on DVD, I have gained an appreciation that the trailer can often be better than the movie it promotes. It would also be fun to make a trailer instead of a normal short as you could show all the explosions and action scenes in a short space of time.

This short follows the same guidelines with a lot of dramatic dialogue, screams and axes going through doors (it was a pretty good swing to go in that deep, no wonder the woman screamed so loudly.)

Even though the directors aren’t going to make this film for real, it is still fun to watch.

I would recommend this short if you enjoyed the trailers for ‘Son of Blob’, ‘The Killer Shrews’ or ‘Night of the Lupus’.

Rating: 7/10