A Story, a song, a dream

Animator: Matt Perry

Tagline: “I’d fuck anything that moves. Pussy cats, dogs and kangaroos”

In this trio of shorts we see a funny story, a song and a strange dream expressed in animation. Both claymation and computer graphics are used in to good effect.

The first part is a retelling of the old ‘weight loss for cash’ joke and is told very well. The characters were very well made and the punch line was still funny even though I knew it was coming.

The song “I’d fuck anything” was great in the second part as it started out as a sad love song, then started getting more weird as it went on. There was also great use of claymation in this part of the short and a couple of Barbie dolls doing rude things. I also liked the thanks the filmmaker gave to the people who put up with him singing the song at parties all the time.

The third segment, a computer animation of a man exploding when he tries to take a step, wasn’t as good as the first two parts I thought.

This is a great short overall and it will be difficult not to start singing the song in mixed company for the next few weeks. Hopefully also appears on the SBS ‘SoS’ show soon.

Rating: 8/10


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