Bands in TISM's "Thunderbirds are Coming Out" Video

As I got TISM's DVD with all their film clips on it, I decided to make a note of all the bands and check where they are now as one of my favourite bands is featured in it.

The video was filmed in 1998 (I still remember reading the ad they had for the bands) so I didn't know if any of the bands would still be around. I tried to find a website for the bands or at least a page that mentions them as I didn't find any other pages that list all the bands together.

Snubrocket (Fifth Avenue)

The Sex Bombs (The Surrogate)

Piffen Yonnies

Dynamo & the Hornosexuals

Fee Foe Fum

Blood Duster


Funk X-Plosion

Big Marble E-Fect


Busy Fingers


Cyclone Tracey

Libido in a Bottle

The Shine

28 Days

Ringwood Secondary College Choir & Orchestra


Where's Bec?

Fatty Cramps
(Also wrote the song "Ghetto Boy")


Hyperno Way

New Waves (New Waver

Ruby Doomsday

Zoot Ax


20 Minutes

Phone Sex Radio


Mach Pelican


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