UpRRRooted at the Palace
Tim Chmielewski


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UpRRRooted at the Palace, St Kilda
Benefit for RRR FM's "Move Your R's" campaign
14th June 2004

As this show is going to receive a ton of coverage through RRR, I'll just say a few words as to what parts I liked the most.

I thought it was strange that Chris Wilson & GIT were on so early in the day. At least it gave Chris the opportunity to introduce them and the girls from GIT went on to do guest spots with a couple of other bands later in the day.

After watching some of Lisa Miller I went out to the front to watch Wagons. Henry Wagon stole the show with his pink shirt and dry sense of humour. They were one of my favourite acts on the day and the audience seemed to enjoy them too. (New CD from them soon.)

There was no food for sale inside the venue, so after a quick trip down to Acland street (and eating my dinner on the steps of the Palace - NO YOU CANNOT HAVE ANY CHIPS! Smartarse bouncers wanting some for some chick they are hot for) I stuck my head in the packed out Front bar to see CW Stoneking setting up.

Steven Cummings was playing on the main stage with Rebecca Barnard on backing vocals and Claire Moore as one of the two drummers. I watched him from up the back while Mick Thomas set up.

I was really looking forward to Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing as I missed seeing them when GIT was touring with them last year. Not to be outdone in the cowboy fashion stakes, Mick Thomas wore his "chicken" cowboy shirt to have one over Henry Wagons who he heard was wearing the best shirt on the night. Even the girls from GIT enjoyed them as I saw them dancing up a storm off to one side.

They were my second favourite band of the night (GIT was the first if you even needed to ask) and Trish from GIT, then Sarah and Suzannah joined them for the last few songs of their set.

At the last minute I decided to go see Barb Waters out the front instead of staying for Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons (I saw some of them later) and I got to see one of the other bands I liked most on the night. As they were in the audience, the majority of GIT got up to sing the last song with Barb and her band. I have to get her CD one of these days.

Kerri Simpson had a bit of trouble setting up, but the crowd seemed to enjoy her once she got going. I liked the traditional percussion used in her act and also Ian Collard and Suzannah Espie got up to sing some songs with her towards the end.

He was a bit late starting, but when he did Paul Kelly had the audience's full attention (even people sitting up the top came down to watch him.) Such is his popularity he could of played whatever he felt like and people still would have liked it, which is what he did (he didn't play many of his really famous songs, just one or two.)

I liked when he got a lucky couple from the crowd to dance onstage for "Falling Again" and when CW Stoneking (who kept walking around the back of the stage) came up to sing on one song with a friend of his.

Unlike all of the other bands, Paul Kelly got to do an encore. I had to leave as I didn't want to stay too late. I did get to say hello to the lovely woman who sold me the ticket to the gig at the Breakfasters outside broadcast last week, but I forgot to ask her name again - Doh!