Rob Roy Front Bar last ever show
Tim Chmielewski

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Rob Roy Front Bar last Tuesday Show ever
26th October 2004
Sarah Carroll, Petula Hanson, Tim Hall, Tatjana, Lil' Fi, Dirk Dubois, Sweet Felicia

It's been a while since I have been to see anyone at the Rob Roy (Trish played there in February). I went past it a lot on my way to other gigs and always thought it would be there and I would get around to seeing Sarah & Chris play there again.

The announcement that it was the "last show ever" came as a surprise so fresh from an unnecessary trip to the podiatrist I arrived at five minutes to eight to find the place packed out. I did have to stand up at the start, but eventually found my usual seat near the front. (My camera doesn't have much of a zoom.)

Chris Wilson couldn't make it tonight so there were a host of guest performers taking his place.

I hadn't seen Petula Hansen perform before (that I remember) so it was good to see her sing with Sarah accompanying on guitar.

I remember seeing Tim Hall playing with Jeff Lang at the Corner Hotel and he was just as good tonight. He even sang by himself for a couple of songs before the break.

It turned out that I was sitting on the same table as Tatjana (who got up and played some songs on keyboard during the set break), which was nice. I always like showing someone the pictures I have taken right there as sometimes they look better on the LCD.

Even though Lil' Fi is living in Melbourne now, it has been ages since I have seen her play (and only for 1 set then) so it was great to see her with Dirk Dubois. The first time I saw her perform was with GIT at their residency at the Retreat Hotel. She only sang three songs, but the next day I bought 4 of her CDs and written the date of her next show in my diary two months in advance.

I was surprised to see a plate of chocolate biscuits set down on the table (along with a pavlova later) as most gigs I go to don't have food included. I remember Chris and Sarah talking about it when I first saw them and I guess they must have made it into a tradition when they played there.

I had to leave early, but I did get to see a few songs with Sarah, Petula, Dirk, Lil' Fi and special guest Sweet Felicia (from the Flannelettes.) They were really great.

When I got up to leave Sarah introduced a song dedicated to public transport and told everyone to say goodbye to me. (Fred Negro did this before, but he used the line "Come back Tim!") What was different this time is that some of the lovely ladies in the bar, looked me right in the eye, smiled and said goodbye and I couldn't stay to chat - *cue 32 "Dohs!"*

Luckily it was only light drizzle as I listened to the music drift out of the bar to the opposite corner when I was waiting for the No 86 tram. I know it would be quicker to take the train home, but I like the tram as it gives me time to think about what I have seen that night and to check the photos I have taken.