Reopening of the Band Room at the Greyhound Hotel
Tim Chmielewski

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01:35 27/02/2004

Reopening of the Greyhound Hotel Band room
Featuring Prayerbabies, Violent Mood Swings, GUT, The Exotics, Gamma Rays, Speed Demons & The Fuck Fucks

I only heard of this gig a couple of weeks ago and only decided to have the day off work last Friday so I could go to it as I was really looking forward to seeing the Fuck Fucks play live again. My plan to walk down to the pub was dashed by it being stinking hot.

I arrived a bit before the Prayerbabies started setting up so I settled into the public bar for a few. There were tons of people in too see the bands and also many people out in the normally quiet beer garden which was a nice change (it's a bit confusing to get to.)

As I had seen the Prayerbabies quite a few times at this venue, I stayed for a couple of their songs and then went to the band room in time for GUT. Fred had told me about this band (he seemed to like it) and the lead singer is the famous local wrestler 'OX' - THE OX ROX! THE OX ROX! They were great and I wish they could have played for longer (they would be great if they played a gig with the Cosmic Psychos I reckon.)

In between sets I talked to some people I knew from some of the other bands I go to see regularly and some locals. The Beer Garden does really seem to be the place to be if you just want to hang out and talk it seems (it's where I found Fred, Steely and Chris later.)

The Exotics were up next, which was a bit strange as they seemed somewhat out of place with the line-up. This didn't stop them giving a great performance however.

As there were some delays in setting up and Steve was busy organising the bands I didn't get to see much of the Violent Mood Swings set in the public bar, but I did pop my head in to at least take a few pictures. (I didn't want his band to be left out seeing as I was keeping a record of every other band playing at the venue tonight.)

The Gamma Rays were the perfect gentle lead in to the upcoming act as they are an instrumental band and are great to dance to. They have also played at the Greyhound quite a few times in the past.

Steely said he drove all the way from Frankston to see the next band on the bill called the Speed Demons. They are a traditional hard-core punk band and I can see why he likes them so much. I don't think I can describe how fast the drummer goes on some songs (my camera wasn't even fast enough to catch it.)

The song I liked most from their set was "Terracotta Jesus" as they played it really well and the audience reaction to it was excellent. One of the things I like most about going to see live music is that seeing a band regularly that plays one type of music can open the door for you to go see bands that they recommend. I am going to try and see the Speed Demons the next time they play.

As the other bands had run a bit late it was getting on when the Fuck Fucks came on, but they didn't disappoint. Fred made sure to play all the old favourites including Beer Sandwich (which only just made it before they had to finish.)

After they finished I was taken aside by the lead singer of the Bipolar Bears (a local band) who asked if I could take some photos at their next gig. This sounds interesting and I will have to see where it leads. We were just able to finish this conversation before chucking out time as security said we had two minutes to leave.