Cry-baby session at the Tote
Tim Chmielewski

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20:31 22/02/2004

Featuring Rebecca Barnard, The Town Bikes, Tim Tim the clown & GIT

I arrived almost bang on the dot of 2pm only to find that the pub didn't open until half an hour later, which also meant the starting times for the bands were somewhat off. At least I wasn't by myself outside the pub as some of the regulars from GIT's gigs had arrived early to get some drinking in before the bands started.

Having been to most of GIT's residency gigs last year I knew what it was going to be like with the kids running around (that's half the fun) so I just tried to stay out of their way most of the day and not spoil anyone's fun.

Before the bands started I went out and got a sausage from Julian Wu on the Wu-B-Q (and had the rest of my lunch later.) The ribs looked really good on the Webber, but I didn't have any this time.

As I haven't seen her play live for a while, I was looking forward to Rebecca Barnard's set. I think she handled all the little kids running around great and she even got three of them up stage for one song which was really cute.

Tim Tim the clown (no relation) was outside at the same time blowing big bubbles and making balloon animals and swords for the kids (most of them got popped later.)

The biggest surprise for the day was the dance duo The Town Bikes who came on and did an excellent comedy dance routine and then disappeared just as quickly. They came back when Git was setting up to do another routine which ended with them wearing buckets on their heads.

Tim Tim also tried his best to get the kid's attention including shouting "settle down you little buggers!" and doing a gross balloon trick (the little boys seemed to like it.)

Matt must have been busy today as Phil was playing double bass for Git who finished the day. The little kids were very rowdy at this stage, but they seemed to settle down towards the end as they had tired themselves out.

As usual Git played an excellent set even with some of the sound problems they had with the PA and the distraction of all the kids running around. It was great opportunity for many families with young kids to come see some great live music as usually it is on too late.

Little kid's quote of the day:
"I kissed my boyfriend on the lips at kindergarten!"

Big kid's quote of the day:
"Stop it you little buggers!"

Thanks to Phil for introducing me to Carla and Gabi from the Town Bikes afterwards so I could show them the sequence of photos I took of their dance - I even managed to make some flick-book style animations of it as I was shooting in high speed mode.