The Bankers at the Town Hall Hotel
Tim Chmielewski

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The Bankers
with The New Types
Town Hall Hotel
Saturday, 28th August, 2004

Due to the film festival, I hadn't been to a gig on Saturday for a while so I was looking forward to go see the Bankers at the Town Hall. It was the first time I had been there also so I ended up getting off the tram early. I still found the place though.

The Town Hall Hotel is only small, but that makes it better as it doesn't take many people to make it seem packed out. If you don't want to go through the bar, there is a laneway right next to it so you can walk down that to the band/dinning rooms. For some reason everyone seemed to stand around outside the toilets also.

The band room is small, but cosy and the people there seemed to be enjoying themselves. I talked to Mark and Pauly from the Bankers who introduced me to Akira-san in Japanese (they lived there for a while and played some gigs) and then kept talking as if I could understand them.

First up were the New Types who played very well even though I don't remember any of their songs. Hopefully next time I will get to talk to them too.

While they were playing Pauly invited me to sit at his table so I would have some people to talk to while he got ready to play (by drinking more beer naturally.)

The Bankers played even better than when I saw them at the Tote. Adding to the mood where the dancers including Akira-san who boogied down and even had a song "Daddio loves you mama" dedicated to him. I later found out the band has quite a few Japanese fans and they have even come up with a song to sing all in Japanese.

After their gig I didn't leave straight away as I usually do (I had to get a taxi anyway) so I got to talk more. They surprised me by saying they were going to write a song about me - I thought GIT would be the first band to do that. As usual I got names and addresses so I can send a CD of the photos I took during their set (I will have to get the CD mailing envelopes in bulk.)

I will be looking forward to the Bankers CD launch with the Twits and Seedy Three and also "Rock Against Howard" in a couple of weeks.

After the band room closed we went to the front bar and stayed there until they started wanted to kick everyone out. Thanks to Mark Downe I got a hug from a Japanese woman he was chatting up. They were going to the Public Bar opposite Victoria Market (open until 6am), but I just walked into the city to catch a taxi.