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The Wilson Pickers

Land of the Powerful Owl CD Launch
with Suzannah Espie, the Palenecks, Dave Larkin
The Tote, Friday 31st October 2008

I wanted to get to this gig early so I went home straight home from work, only to have to go back home as I had a package arrive for me at my local and I wanted to take the contents into the store the next morning. I also had to get dinner on the way, got rained on and had two blood noses, but I still managed to make it just as Suzannah started her set. Suzannah was great and she even told me to be quiet as I was one of the only people there at that time. Lots of new songs and I am looking forward to her new CD next year.

The Palenecks sounded familiar for some reason, but I don't remember going to see them. Must have heard them on JVG or Twang at one stage. I liked their songs and the lead singer did a good job with the tambourine even though he had a broken hand.

I knew Dave Larkin was doing some solo stuff, but I hadn't seen him perform since Suzannah and Big Boy's fundraiser at the Lomond in January. I thought Dave's songs were great as were the few that Suzannah did with him.

I only recently heard of the Wilson Pickers, but I was really looking forward to seeing them as I enjoyed hearing their songs on RRR and from what I had heard online. There was a good crowd for their gig, especially since the last time I saw a band that was sort of like them at the Tote I was the only one there. They did get a great reaction to their songs and I even bought a CD, which I never usually do as I have to pay for a taxi home. Hopefully the rest of the gigs up the east coast go well and the band releases more work in the future. I also think they would do well with the Re-mains if they played on the same bill as they are a lot more rocking than the usual bluegrass bands I have seen.

Thanks to Alison for talking to me and some of the other people I said hello to on the night.


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