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Viva Festival 2008

with Bellacize Bollywood Beauties, The Band Who Knew Too Much
Princess Gardens, Saturday 15th November 2008

After getting to bed at 3am the night before, I was woken up at 9am by a phone call from my parents to sing me happy birthday before they went on their usual Saturday bike ride.

I really wanted to see the Band Who Knew Too Much and had managed to get some people to actually leave the Pint to go do something, which was great as I hardly see a lot of people I know outside of a pub.

I would normally take photos of all the bands I saw on the bill, but it was my birthday and I didn't feel like it.

Bellacize doing their Bollywood Beauties routines were great and it was cute to see the little kids getting up to dance.

The Pint crew arrived not long before the Band Who Knew Too Much started and Jackie bought everyone ice cream or crepes. I tried to get people to ask the old Greek blokes cooking souvlaki for a stubby from their slab of VB they had, but only managed to get one person to fall for it.

The Band Who Knew Too Much didn't have Dave with them, but I thought they played a great set even if not as many people danced as usual. They did have a little kid doing a stage invasion though.

As it wasn't a licensed event, we all went to the Flying Duck afterwards for a few. On the way there Katie walked up to me and said HAVE ICECREAM! and pushed it into my face, it was nice though. After that we all started walking back to the Pint, with a stop at the Swan on the way. I had to go home and get changed to go out again so I had to leave them there. I did make it back later in the night to the Pint though. Next year I will try not to have anything big on in the evening so I can go straight through (Kooky Karaoke for my birthday next year.)


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