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The Almaboobies at the Pint on Punt

Friday 5th August 2005

As I was going to see a movie at the film festival later, I decided to leave home a bit earlier to see the Almaboobies play and so I could see Alex's reaction when I gave her a bucket of Skittles.

I am happy to say that she really liked them and even shared them with her sisters and anyone else in the crowd who wanted them. Another highlight of the night was when Alex played a really good drum solo at the begining on one song.

The movie I went to see turned out to be very bad, so next time I am just going to stay at the pub to watch the Almaboobies play their second set. There was also an unusual amount of women who attended this gig, hopefully this is not a one off as I would like to see them play again to a similar audience at the same place.

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