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Spanish Club Closing Party

Sunday, 17th June 2007
with Loveslaps, The Gingers, Trash Ivory, Et Al, ROOT, Emily Ulman, Little Red, Sissies & Sluts Theatre, The Nation Blue, The Meanies, Bob Log III

Not seen: Adam Simmmon's Embers, LABJACD, The Embers, The Spoils, Flamenco Dancers (I did try though!)

It doesn't seem that long ago that I decided to go see The Dirty Three at the Spanish Club as the venue had just opened and I wanted to go check it out despite them having another show that was closer to where I lived. In the year that followed I went there at least once a month for the Fitzroy Shorts screenings, a couple of residencies and two big burlesque shows (1) (2) that packed the place out.

Even though I didn't go there as often as I would have liked, I still enjoyed my time there helped in no small part by the sangria and the churros I always tried to have whenever I went there. I was also lucky enough to have the two person paella plate one time (it's more like four person!) and ended up with rice in my socks. Cheers to the bar staff (Hi El!) and I am sure you will find work at another pub soon enough.

I wanted to see as much as the day as possible and got there a bit too early even with the march down Brunswick St. The Loveslaps played great even though there were not many people there at that stage. I remember seeing one of their posters from a couple of years ago when they were doing a residency at the Retreat, but this was the first time I had seen them.

I have seen the Gingers a few times now and will definitely be going to see them in the future as I really enjoyed taking photos of them this time. In particular when Chelsea came out to the front of the stage and started doing rock poses for me whilst she was playing.

Trash Ivory featured a member of the bar staff from the Spanish Club which was great and I thought they played very well. It was cute to see them shaking their hands as played their guitars too hard.

Et Al played very well to the early crowd and I also liked their use of the drum at the front of the stage during the last song, I will look out for them.

ROOT where one of the bands I came to see especially on the day and I thought they did well for their first gig. They join Shonkytonk, The Prayerbabies and the Junes in the country bands I am most likely to go and see. At the end of the set people rushed up to the stage to get the set list and also DC ROOT came out into the audience handing out cards (I didn't find out what was on them.)

Even though I love the food at the Spanish Club, it was too busy to eat there so I had to nip out for something quick, stopping just to take a couple of photos of Emily Ulman on the way through in the front bar. On the way back I talked to the blokes from the Loveslaps and promised to try and see them again.

Little Red was about half way through their set when I got back and they had a good crowd to play to. Good to see they are kicking on and hopefully they go well in the future.

I wanted to go and see the Flamenco Show in the front bar, but it ended up starting late so I didn't see anything and also missed Adam Simmmon's Embers. At least I got to say hello to Bob out the front while I waited.

Sissies & Sluts Theatre was different and not everyone got it, some clown was talking LOUDLY on a mobile phone throughout the performance also. Ally Spazzy was one of the players which is a new direction for her.

I don't know how I have missed the Nation Blue as they are a very good band. I liked the guitarist hitting the top edge of his guitar to get a tune and the way he threw his instrument around his head whilst still playing (I noticed blood on his guitar when I checked the shots later, yeowch!)

The ever reliable Meanies are up next and they are in fine form as I saw at the Community Cup training the other night. I always enjoy their set and will have to pick up their DVD in the future.

Bob Log III was my last band for the night, even though I would have liked to see LABJACD after missing them at the Queenscliff Music Festival last year. Bob was great as always and managed to get everyone to come up the front for the first time in the night. I will try to get to see him again soon at least so I can pass on my photos.

It was a great day overall and worth the pain I experienced going to work the next day. I am definitely going to have the day off after the Community Cup as I was rooted last year.


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