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with The Knockouts, Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side, Nici Blue Eyes (guest vocals)
Ding Dong Lounge, Friday 18th April 2008

"Hello? I'm selling bibles for El Salvador"

I had been looking forward to this gig for months so I wasn't going to let a headache stop me. I still thought the Knockouts were good and there were more people there than I thought would turn up early in the night.

Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side had a good crowd and I met my friend in the audience. I hadn't seen them before and it was good to see they had such a good reaction at this gig. They aren't playing in Melbourne again this year so I was glad to see them.

A flying glass smashing on the side of the stage signalled the start of SixFtHick's extended set. Funnily enough my headache went away when they started, but I eventually had to move from the side of the stage (were I watched the Locknecks from), as it was getting too dangerous with Gentle Ben throwing stuff.

It was a much rougher gig this time and I went over to stand with my friend just to get out of the way. Nici Blue Eyes did guest vocals on some songs and luckily they were the least rough ones. Gentle Ben didn't make it onto the bar this time as there was a problem with the mic lead, he did get pulled into the audience at one point and people kept falling on the stage. Hopefully SixFtHick go well at CherryRock and have fun in their upcoming European tour.


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