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Suzannah Espie & The Last Word

Greyhound Hotel
Sunday, 29th May, 2005

After a big weekend of gigs it was nice to have something to wind down the weekend to. As GIT is not going to play for a while, I have been attempting to follow the side projects of various members of the group. The last time I saw Suzannah's band play was at the Toe Sucking Cowgirls CD launch, so I wanted to see how they would go at the Greyhound.

The front bar at the Greyhound Hotel is a probably one of the most bare-bones gigs you could play, but it more than makes up for it as the place fills up really easily and I have seen some really great gigs there because of this.

An added attraction on the day was Shubox's sausage sizzle, although he wasn't coming in between songs to ask people to come get some snags. I bought three myself and talked about the gig he played last night and what I had been to that weekend.

I have also noticed other people have started to follow GIT and the other members of the band to their gigs lately. I am sure they enjoyed themselves and will return in the future. At this gig I also got to say hello to Steve Prictor, waved to Dave Warner and saw Horse from the Large No. 12's.

The karaoke with Fred & Steve was on next and loads of people from the gig would have gone to that. I had to get home and work on the gig photos so I can get to bed before 3am tonight.

As a special bonus the photos I have taken are bigger than usual (1024*768), I hope you enjoy them.


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